Monday, June 2, 2008

And Da Winners Are . . .

Furst and foremost, we wanna thank our blurpy sisser fer being da official name drawer. Doesn't she look cool in her SF Giant's outfit?

Next, we would like to announce da result of the fundraiser. There were a total of 87 participants (29 Jumpers and 58 Shouters). So, that would mean 87 x .50 cents = $43.50. EXCEPT . . . an anonymous bean contacted Mommakitty and say they would match what we raised, so da grand total monies raised fer da Cat Friends Helpin Friends Organization is . . . $87.00!

Now, fer da drawing results . . .

Furst, Mommakitty wrote down all da names form each category on little pieces of papers.

Then, she folded da pieces of papers and put them in bowls labeled "Jump" and "Shout."

Finally, it wuz time fer Kiera to draw da names. Drum roll please . . .

And da winner from da Jump category is . . .

(a poodin, from da 

And da winner from da Shout category is . . .

(a woofied from 

Concatulations - and thanks to all who participated! Be sure to scroll down to git yer badgie for participating!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Contest & Fundraiser Closed.

Drawing winners (one per each category) will be announced on Monday, June 2 at 9:00am (PST) on both this site and our Cat Banter bloggie. Thanks to all who participated. You can use one of the badgies below if you like.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Contest Begins!

Let's Jump & Shout . . .

. . . and celebrate da NBA Playoffs! Da Jump & Shout Contest will award prizes AND raise monies fer da Cat Friends Helping Friends Organization. Da contest is actually a drawing, so every cat who participates gits entered in da drawing. Contest begins Tuesday, May 20, 2008, 9:00am (PST), and closes Saturday, May 31, 2008, midnight (PST). Open to all animal species (except peoples).

Here's how da fundraiser part werks:
Fer every participant, we will donate .50 cents to da Cat Friends Helping Friends Organization.

Here's how da contest werks:
- There are 2 catagories to participate in - 1) Jump, or 2) Shout
- Only 2 participants per house allowed. If you are only a one-cat household, then you can participate in both categories (or only one if you like). Another Example: If there are 6 cats in yer house, you will only be allowed 2 participants per household. You can either have 1 participant per category, or both be in da same category. *Both participants do NOT each git 2 entries)
- You ONLY git to use photos that are NOT fussed wif. No Photoshop, no artsy stuff, no special effects. JUST PLAIN FUN PHOTOS. 
- You must have a blog or website to participate, and be willing to share yer mailing info should you choose a prize that needs mailing.
- There will be one drawing from each category. Our blurpy sisser will draw da names.
- Names drawn will be announced HERE on Monday, June 2, 2008, 9:00am (PST).

How to enter:
- Post yer photo(s) on YOUR blog or website. Be sure to identify who is in da photo.
- Leave a comment (including a link to your site) on THIS blog to let us know that your photo is posted on YOUR site.
- We will list all participant's links in our sidebar so you can visit each other's sites to see all da fun photos.

Names drawn (one from each category) will git to choose from ONE of da following (all valued at $25.00):
- Box 'O Goodies (treats & toys - will be mailed)
- Gift card fer
- Sponsorship at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Here are some examples of photos:
This (below) is whut jumping looks like (duhr). If 2 cats from yer house participate, you could both choose to participate in da same category - but then that's all.

Here (below) is an example of shouting. Now, notice that there are 2 cats in da photo . . . well, you will need to identify who is participating. Fer example, in this photo, Sabi is participating in da Shout category.